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A Sportsman's Sketches, Vol 2 Of 2

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Give me your hand, gentle reader, and come along with me. It is glorious weather; there is a tender blue in the May sky; the smooth young leaves of the willows glisten as though they had been polished; the wide even road is all covered with that delicate grass with the little reddish stalk that the sheep are so fond of nibbling; to right and to left, over the long sloping hillsides, the green rye is softly waving; the shadows of small clouds glide in thin long streaks over it.

The Price Of A Passport

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A literary memoir. A vivid portrayal of the difficult past experienced by the Jewish people in the early twentieth century, through a person's ability to confront life's instability.

Multisensory Impact Of Sport Events 2016

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Thorsten Tham highlights the fundamental changes that have swept Germany s footballing landscape in recent years and presents theory-based impact hypotheses about forms of stimulus that can raise the loyalty of football-affine target groups before, during and after the game. Based on the example of traditional club VfL Bochum 1848 an online survey to analyze the influence of a Bundesliga match on different visitor target groups is conducted. The author discusses ways in which football clubs can change their multisensual approach to raise the profile of their club brand among football-affine target groups and increase loyalty to the club.



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