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A Year In Golfing Heaven

RRP $12.99

Gleneagles, a place that conjures up Ryder Cup, luxury and golf, well I was fortunate to win a membership at Gleneagles for 16 months, read about how I shared this wonderful experience with family and friends.

More Golf Swing Speed

RRP $16.99

How far do you want to hit the ball? If you're like everybody else, your answer is "just a little farther." Then "More Golf Swing Speed" is the Quick Guide for you. It focuses on the downswing-how you load the shaft at the top of your backswing and unload it at impact. It helps you understand both how to make the correct moves and how to avoid the incorrect ones: ** "Hold" or even increase your wrist cock during the downswing ** Avoid casting from the top ** Develop maximum clubhead speed as you near impact ** Learn how Hogan's supinated wrist position works ** Create a downward strike on the ball that prevents flipping ** And more! There are no secret tricks to creating clubhead speed, and you don't need expensive training aids to create solid strikes on the ball. All you need is a clear understanding of what your club does during your downswing and how you can cooperate with it to get the most clubhead speed possible. All you need is "More Golf Swing Speed."

Golfing With The Buddies- Grip It And Rip It?

RRP $18.99

GAY ROMANCE from best selling author R.P. James My Friday afternoon on the golf course is starting to really heat up... God, what a beautiful day. The sun is shining and everything seems perfect, with myself and three of my buddies from work spending our day off out on the greens. From afar I admire my three absolute sexpots of co-workers- Bill, Warren, and Mark, all three of them devastatingly attractive, and stirring something inside me as the day goes on, that I can hardly seem to suppress. Secretly, I've always had closeted feelings for other guys, and though I would never admit it, it becomes more and more difficult for me to remain in these men's presence as the hours roll by. Then, suddenly, Mark catches me staring at him on the seventeenth hole. I try to avert my eyes, to pretend like it's nothing, but suddenly he's descending upon me, calling me on my attraction to him, and before I know it, the two of us are getting very, very, very down and dirty... *Warning: This book contains lots of HOT sex, drama and adult language. If this is not the kind of stuff you like to read, then start now and see what you have been missing ;-) Enjoy!* A standalone GAY ROMANCE with a happy ending from best selling author R.P. James Thank you for outright purchasing or borrowing my book through the Kindle Unlimited Program. As a reward for your patronage, I am including a FREE full-length romance eBook at the end of this novel. Enjoy!


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