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Coaching Models: A Cultural Perspective

RRP $257.99

"In addition to providing an extensive analysis of strategies for changing performance and the factors that can impact coaching effectiveness, this book offers what may be a unique value: instead of promoting one approach as the best, Dr. Lennard guides readers through a highly customized process of developing our own individualized coaching model. As a result of the book's thought-provoking activities, I strengthened my own sense of personal authenticity and saw new ways to coach and collaborate fully with employees who may have very different perspectives." a " Tita Theodora Beal, Learning & Development, Pfizer, Inc.

"This is a wise book. The essential take-away is simple and profound. Develop, refine, and apply your own (as in ownership) personalized coaching model. Much is provided; nothing is imposed. Readers are invited to reflect on unique and defining experiences, strengths, values, perspectives and style and to begin creating their own a work in progress.a (TM) Coaching Models will be a compelling read for experienced coaches and new coach practitioners alike." a " Bethene LeMahieu, Ed.D.; Professional Coach and Conversation Conservationist

Coaching Models: A Cultural Perspective encourages and assists students and practitioners of business coaching to develop and apply their own coaching models. The entire field of coaching will benefit from having coaches who use their models to continually improve their practice.

The first part of this book presents the model development process by looking at the relationship among culture, beliefs, and behavior in the coaching context. It explains the importance of identifying cultural factors that influence the way coaches approach coaching interactions, and their coaching models.

The second section provides coaches with information and strategies for developing personalized coaching models, applying them to specific contexts, and reflecting on their interactions to refine their core coaching practices.

The third part describes the evolution of the authora (TM)s own coaching modela "the Performance Coaching Modela "and illustrates how one coach incorporates unique perspectives and sets of skills, knowledge, and experience in her coaching practice.

How To Earn Your Living As A Coach

RRP $86.95

A comprehensive book to help getting started with a coaching business, including resources for further information. Providing 'from ground up' blueprint of how to get your coaching business going.

Your First Coaching Book

RRP $11.95

For the millions of children involved in youth sports, it is their coach who plays a major role in the way they will feel about playing. Unfortunately, few youth sports organizations provide any real training for their coaches. The result can be seen in the increasingly large percentage of kids who drop out of organized leagues. To help coaches understand their important role, including the challenges that lie ahead of them, the National Alliance for Youth Sports--America's premier youth sports advocacy group--has created a simple and straightforward guide for volunteer coaches. It presents the elements that make up good coaching, details the tasks for which a coach is responsible, and explains how a coach can best deal with the most common problems faced both on and off the playing field.


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